Redarc Jump-Start Add-on Kit
Redarc Jump-Start Add-on Kit
Redarc Jump-Start Add-on Kit
Redarc Jump-Start Add-on Kit
Redarc Jump-Start Add-on Kit
Redarc Jump-Start Add-on Kit

Redarc Jump-Start Add-on Kit

$ 349.00

The system everyone has asked for is here! With this add-on, you can upgrade your REDARC / OGE Kit and add the ability to jump-start yourself.

This kit features the Redarc SBI12, configured to combine the batteries when the button is pressed. All the necessary components, cables and hardware are included in order to make this upgrade happen if you already have the new Redarc tray with the extra flange to mount the SBI12.

If you still have the old tray, just add the new tray to your order and your previous components will work with it! All the new Redarc Dual Battery systems ship with the new tray and therefore select NO to the tray question if you are buying both at the same time.

We pride ourselves in what we do, and therefore this system has all of your cables pre-made for you. All you have to do is install it!

In the effort to continuously improve, we have gone with a Toyota style switch. No more cutting to make it fit.

The Redarc SBI12 is rated for 100A and therefore this system is only for jump-starting yourself and not for winching. The switch is momentary and therefore the batteries are only linked while you are holding it down.

Kit Includes:

  • Redarc SBI12 configured for jump start.
  • MRBF Double Fuse holder with 80A fuse included (40A is included with the Redarc Kits already)
  • OGE custom 4AWG cables cut to length, terminated and protected with split loom and heat shrink.
  • Toyota style momentary switch. *Please see below and select the correct one for your Toyota.*
  • OGE Harness from SBI12 to the switch.

*Switch Options:*


  • Toyota Tacoma 2005 - 2011
  • Toyota Tacoma 2012 - Current (Left Side ONLY)
  • Toyota 4Runner 2003 - 2009
  • Toyota FJ Cruiser 2007 - 2014
  • Lexus GX470 2003-2009


  • Toyota Tacoma 2012 - Current (Center Console ONLY)
  • Toyota 4Runner 2010 - Current

Off-Grid Engineering LLC is a limited liability company. Our products are designed for off-road use only and have not been tested for collision scenarios. We can not be held liable for faulty installation of products or damage to vehicles caused by the faulty use or damage of our products. Please do not modify any of our wiring or cable kits. We always recommend circuit protection/ fusible links for aftermarket wiring.