2005-Current Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad / TRD Pro Dual Battery System kit contents by Off-Grid Engineering featuring REDARC BCDC1225D
REDARC BCDC1225D pre-wired using the pre-wire service by Off-Grid Engineering

2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad / TRD Pro Dual Battery System

$ 999.00


Looking for the most complete, reliable, efficient, dual battery system for your Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad or TRD Pro? This is it

We pride ourselves on providing the most inclusive kits in the industry for a trouble-free installation. This kit requires cutting your own wire and crimping on the ends.  For an additional charge, we offer a pre-wire service.  If you would like your kit pre-wired and labeled for an even easier installation, please click HERE to add the service to your cart.

This dual battery system features a DC to DC battery charger from REDARC Electronics. These are onboard battery chargers that will charge and maintain your auxiliary battery to a 100% state of charge, unlike many other dual battery kits.  With DC to DC charging technology, there is no need to have matching batteries in your system. Feel free to keep your factory starting battery and add a high-quality AGM, Gel, deep cycle flooded, or even Lithium battery as your auxiliary!  (We strongly recommend AGM under the hood).  As an added bonus, these units are solar-ready!  With a built-in MPPT solar charge controller, adding a solar panel to your setup is plug-and-play.

Recommended Auxiliary BatteryGroup 35 AGM Full Throttle FT750-35 )

 Kit Includes:

  • OGE's exclusive passenger-side auxiliary battery tray.  We custom cut and machine all of our battery trays from 1/4" aluminum and TIG weld them for strength.  Comes with OGE machined aluminum tiedown and all necessary hardware.
  • OGE's exclusive REDARC mount/ battery tray.  This tray acts as a mounting location for the REDARC BCDC1225D that comes in the kit.  It is cut from 5052 aluminum and comes with OGE machined aluminum tiedown, new j-hooks, and all necessary hardware.

    The REDARC BCDC1225D In-vehicle Dual Battery Charger is a 12 volt, 25A in-vehicle DC-DC battery charger designed to charge your secondary battery banks to 100% state of charge while on the move.  Capable of charging AGM, Gel, Flooded, or Lithium batteries.  The built-in MPPT solar charge controller makes this unit solar ready.

  • ALL necessary wire, ring terminals, butt connectors, and heat shrink.  High quality, automotive grade, 8 AWG wire included.  Enough to complete the installation in any Toyota engine bay.  3M, adhesive line heat shrink. High-quality brazed ring terminals and butt connectors.
  • Cooper Bussman Marine Rated Battery Fuse System (MRBF).  Two 40 Amp, super low profile fuses with marine grade fuse mounts. Keeps you and your truck safe!
  • 2 Mil-Spec terminals
  • Plenty of high-quality zip-ties

Off-Grid Engineering LLC is a limited liability company. Our products are designed for off-road use only and have not been tested for collision scenarios. We can not be held liable for faulty installation of products or damage to vehicles caused by the faulty use or damage of our products. Please do not modify any of our wiring or cable kits. We always recommend circuit protection/ fusible links for aftermarket wiring.